Quality is the Key

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Naavi is a pioneer in the field of Cyber Laws in India. His initiatives, www.naavi.org as an information portal, www.cyberlawcollege.com as an educational portal, www.ceac.in  as a unique service offering and www.cylawcom.org as a unique compliance service, have demonstrated his capability to respond to the market needs with Techno Legal initiatives.

Now with the experience of over 9 years in Cyber Law Consulting and Education, Naavi has launched the Legal BPO initiative, Naavi.net.

Naavi.net is designed to be a Legal BPO with a difference.

Yes, in order to maintain a balance of portfolio, Naavi.net will look for legal secretarial outsourced work including transcription and document management.

-Additionally Naavi.net will  develop a "Real Time Dictation Taking and Transcription Work" on a 24X7 basis.

Secondly, Naavi.net will operate through its virtual team of specialists across India in a "Distributed Work Environment" for providing Paralegal support services including document drafting, legal research, preparation of deposition summaries and Case briefs etc.

-A unique feature of the distributed network of specialists would be a PKI backed secure communication culture that will ensure confidentiality, security and legal accountability.

Thirdly, Naavi.net will offer higher end BPO services which are Techno-Legal  solutions to many of the requirements of the Legal community.

    -Of these, support for the ADR industry will be one unique feature.

Naavi.net will also pick on the strengths of its education experience and ensure that quality paralegal manpower  will available to its  so that its clients can  enjoy not only cost and time advantage of the outsourcing service but also obtain a high quality of output.

The motto towards which Naavi.net will work is "Outsource for Better Quality..Not Better Price". 

We are aware that this is  only an expression of our goal today. It will take some time before we can reflect this thinking in action. Until then , Naavi.net will continue to provide the cost  and time benefits with the added advantage of "Real Time Service".

A few partners will work with Naavi in this project contributing their might to make this a "Collaborative Project". Naavi is also pursuing  some of the existing BPOs to team up and set up  Legal BPO channel as a diversification of their current activity. In such cases acting as "Transition Consultants" for their customers is itself an activity to be pursued by Naavi.

However the commitment to quality will be a common denominator that would bind all our partners...because we believe that "Quality is the Key".


Contact : naavi@vsnl.com