Profile of Naavi

Legal Firms Requiring Outsourced Legal Service from India may contact here is headed by Naavi.

-Naavi has over 3 decades of experience as senior corporate executive. He is the premier consultant in India on Cyber Law and Cyber Crimes. He is a pioneer in Cyber Evidence Archival, Domain Name Assurance and Cyber Law Compliance Services.

-Naavi's Work Experience includes

-Banking, Marketing of Financial Services, Managing ITES and Web based services

-Drafting of documents for Web Contracts, International Partnership agreements for outsourcing

-Drafting of Patent Documents

-Conducting Data Protection Audits, CyLawCom audits, IPR audits

-Managing web based Education Business

-Teaching Cyber Law in the University

- Content Development for Courses in Cyber Law and Cyber Security

-Cyber Crime Related Consultancy to Law Enforcement Agencies and Companies

-Cyber Forensic Consultancy to Law Enforcement Agencies

-Authoring "Cyber Laws for Every Netizen in India", "Cyber Laws in India, ITA-2000 and Beyond", "CyLawCom, Corporate Mantra for the Digital Era", "Antarjaala AparadhagaLu" (Book on Cyber Crimes in Kannada), Cyber Laws Demystified (Latest book released on 8th June 2006 at Bangalore)

-Associate Consultant Prominds Consulting, Hyderabad, Seechange Consulting, Chennai, Pastay Law Associates, Bangalore. includes affiliate partners consisting of practicing legal professionals  There specialization includes Legal Research, Drafting of Case Summaries, Pleadings, Interrogatories etc.

List of Affiliates