Legal Firms Requiring Outsourced Legal Service from India may contact here

Naavi.Net provides support services for Law Firms and Legal Professionals outside India.. The services are rendered by teams  reporting to Naavi either directly or through chosen affiliates.

It's services include

A: Pre Sales Support for Indian Legal BPOs

a) Lead Generation and pre sales negotiation on behalf of affiliate Indian BPOs

b) Transition Management Consultancy to facilitate outsourcing.

B: Alternate Dispute Resolution Service

a) ADR services  provided through

b) Corporate training and Education in Cyber Laws and legal compliance provided through

C: Techno Legal Compliance Services

 a) Implementation Assistance for Data Protection, HIPAA compliance, GLBA Compliance, ITA-2000 Compliance, SOX Compliance, etc

 b) CyLawCom certification provided through

D: Legal Compliance Audit Services

a) Conducting Data Protection Compliance Audit

b) Conducting Copyright Compliance Audits for business partners in India.

E: Techno Legal Assurance Services

a) Cyber Evidence Archival service  provided through

b) Domain Name Disclaimer Service provided through

F: Legal Consultancy Support Services:

a) Drafting of Patent applications

b) Consultancy for Cyber Crime Cases in India  provided by Naavi.

G: Litigation Management Assistance Services

2) Drafting of Legal Contracts of various kinds including

a) Web hosting, E-Commerce contracts

b)  Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions  and Disclosure documents for Websites

c) Legal Research including Trade Mark Research, Property Title Search, Case Laws etc.

d) Writing Case Briefs

H: Law office Management Services:

1) Back office administrative Support services for Law Firms including

a) Legal Transcription

b) Document Coding and Management

c) Legal Billing

The services will be rendered by appropriate qualified professionals such as Lawyers, accredited arbitrators and mediators etc. The professionals will be located in different parts of India and provide the service from their current locations.

All communications between the professionals and the service providers would be handled through secure (encrypted and authenticated) communication backed by use of digital signatures.

The assignments will be coordinated by Naavi. Where necessary,  team leaders will be appointed depending on the requirements.

Above services are ordinarily provided for Legal Firms as BPO partners with a minimum business commitment as may be agreed upon. The cost of service and terms of payment will be agreed to on case to case basis.

Naavi is open to partnership enquiries particularly for the high end services such as Alternate Dispute Resolution as well as Techno Legal Services Cyber Evidence Archival, Domain Name Assurance etc. Existing BPOs in India are welcome to contact Naavi for attractive business arrangements.